Current Programs that Matthew is Teaching or developing

Stockdale High School   Media Arts 1, 2 and 3
Stockdale is ranked as one of the best high schools in California 
Student Work from Stockdale Media Arts Program

Career Resource Department
Career and Life skills training for youth and adults- CRD Website

Bridge Program @ the CRD
Cal Learn and DHS are partnering with Matthew and the CRD to help young mothers successfully transition from high school to college.
Foster Bike Program @ the CRD
The best program I ever created and facilitated. This program was made possible by Karine Kannikkeberg, the CRD, and KHSD. Karine continues to run the program in conjunction with DHS and Bike Bakersfield.

CTE Online

Past Programs

DHS CaL Learn @ Carney’s Business and Technology Center
Transforming Local Communities