Stockdale High School Media Arts Program

Introduction to Stockdale High School’s Media Arts program

This Media Arts Courses are designed to teach students about the basic artistic principles of balance, contrast, unity, rhythm, emphasis, variety, negative space, metamorphosis, etc… Students use hand drawing, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create original artistic compositions to prove understanding of each principle. Students are also required to complete a unit on career development. They will develop a resume, cover letter and learn interviewing techniques.  They will also take an Interest Inventory and research careers they are shown to have an aptitude for.  Students will be well informed of different educational options after high school.  Presentations will be given by industry professionals and post- secondary educational institutions.

Career Path- Completion of Media Arts 1&2 is recognized as a CTE Career Path by the State of California

College Credit Through Bakersfield College
The Media Arts 2 program is dual enrolled with BC. Students will earn transferable college credit while taking Media Arts 2 at Stockdale. Students do not need to go to BC in order to transfer their credit to another college or university once completing the Media Arts Program at Stockdale.

Cal. State and U.C.  approved Visual and Performance Arts credit.
Media Arts is approved for the fine arts (A-G) Credit for California State Universities and the U.C. system.

Software Programs
  – Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, In Design CC
– Google Classroom, Docs, and Sheets

Course of Studies

Media Arts 1
Media Arts 2

Rubrics for Assessment
Rubric for Public Speaking