Teach Smooth allows educators to impart knowledge in an effortless manner. The approach is simple, use multimedia illustrations to start conversations about relevant topics centered around career and life skills. We want young minds to think, process, communicate, and contribute. In order to do this we must start the conversation. Teach Smooth allows educators an effortless way to get the conversation started and the back end materials and support to keep the conversation going.

Matthew Dills’ has been making things and making things happen in the fields of education, multimedia, and on line deliverables for the past 25 years. He has taught a variety of subjects for a variety of audiences. You can view Matthew’s work, his resume’, as well as other materials on matthewdills.com.

Matthew started documenting processes while working for IBM in 1997. He stepped into a position that “did not have a job description or a clear organized objective” according to his boss. Matthew was tasked with figuring out how to do his job, doing it, and documenting the process of doing it. Directives were loose, but Matthew was able to figure it out.

Problem solving continues to be one of Matthew’s strong suits. He has focused his energy as of late on creating turn key lesson plans and curriculum for High School Students and adult populations alike. Over his 15 year career as an educator Matthew has learned what it takes to deliver high quality content to students. He has also learned how to teach other teachers how to draw on their own strengths and deliver high quality content in a way that makes sense to them as an individual with their own strengths and abilities.